Been a while since I last visited textures familiar often previsited the smut of cellulose reminiscenting a old acquaintance I do here hold myself lose setting the sun’s sojourn in those eyes. Inhaling the aroma of nostalgia hooking on to those tepid emotions in my pockets, squabbling over petty things in life, realising life … Continue reading Breathe



The last memory of a mother’s cuddle The huddle of family pushed into graves. When the steps of temples arent only to abandon “Her” rather raunchy band on “Her” The distinction of left and right broiled down to Hindu or Muslim. The mother’s last kiss trickling down the last teardrops when smothered and violated in … Continue reading She


Teary crystalline orbs meet capturing common insecurities, diving across those tides with boulders chained to feet, struggling for breath as in a sunbird picking straw in deserts; yet we try to decipher this cauldron filled with tormented rules, play in; fateful deceit of unarmed agony, yet after years of practice we both fail, flouting experience … Continue reading Iris


Took me in as pristine as possible raw could be, vulnerability at peak. Anonymosity turned spaces to fit in. Looked up as a mirror without freckles. Brags downed with laughs, seemed that this was what I wanted a shade in scorch with light, a moon with warmth, a raindrop for the parched a merciful for … Continue reading Friend


Decision. To let go Metal piece held Sharp! Heart beats Thrusting it down The wrist, easy So I had thought Sitting under the shower. Slit open one wrist Moving down to other Thunder struck head "What if I hadn't seen The world I wanted to. The world isn't small, I've got to find my story!" … Continue reading Hope